Isaac Jones

Struggling Lawyer


Isaac Jones

Archtype: Gatekeeper
Threshold: The Silent (Death by Deprivation)
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath



Isaac Jones (Goes by Jones) was born to a rich family who paid his way through law school and helped him start a small law practice in Seattle. His father was caught running a money laundering scheme and he ended up losing all the family’s money as well as Isaac’s reputation. Isaac spent a few years trying to get by out of a basement in a large office building, however, ended up just like his father…he cut a deal with a local gang. When Isaac failed to keep one of there members out of jail, they lit up his office building causing Isaac to “die” of suffocation while he slept in the office. After his bargain, he fled to New York to look for a fresh start with his new ‘friend’.


The Harvester. It creeps in like a reaper…the sound of bones popping and crushing as it takes each step forward. It’s eyes glow red like the anger it was born from as it reaches out to gather what it can.

Isaac Jones

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