Tacey Morina

The Invisible One


Tacey Morina

Archtype: Advocate
Threshold: The Silent (Death by Deprivation)
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Sloth



As a ward of the state, Tacey was shuffled around several foster homes and facilities as a child before arriving at her final one at age 15 in Belmont. Already possessing a tendency towards introversion, the failed moves and lack of familiarity with the people caring for her only added to her inclination to spend her free time alone and avoid drawing attention to herself or risk bonding too closely. While she enjoyed reading eclectically (both books and on the internet), interacting with her foster family’s pets and taking photographs of anything that caught her eye, her interactions with people were reserved even after she adjusted to her settled foster family. Although she was fond of researching and learning on her own terms based on whatever happened to catch her interest, Tacey was apathetic to school work and tests which resulted in her grades being slightly above (or below) average at best. Discouraged by her apparent failings but struggling to find the ability or motivation to improve and not knowing how or seeing the need to reach out for help, she instead dedicated her efforts towards extracurricular pursuits; visits to the library became volunteering while spending time with the pets turned into a part-time dog walking and pet sitting job. Throughout all of it she still kept to herself, replying to people politely when needed and even more rarely joining in a conversation that piqued her interest. Despite her reticence, she came to enjoy the feeling of helping out in small ways without the need to get to know people too closely in the process.

At age 18 Tacey both graduated from high school and aged out of the foster care system. Staying at her foster home for another year and a half, she was met with failed application after failed application due to her lackluster grades while still attempting to maintain her drive to volunteer and attend to her part-time job. Frustrated and pressured both externally and internally to remove herself from the home, she packed up her possessions (including her now battered camera) and found a small apartment up for rent south of the Belmont area. In an unfamiliar place and truly alone for the first time in her life, she struggled to handle pressures like bills, food costs, laundry and other things she had not been prepared to deal with. Quickly realizing that her part-time pet sitting work wasn’t enough to make ends meet, she reluctantly searched for better paying work.

Two years passed (23 years old at this point?) and continued failures in getting anything but low paying (usually temporary) jobs had left her skipping meals to make sure she could still meet her rent. Unable to dedicate time towards volunteer work or pets and relying on sporadic visits nearby libraries for access to books/the internet outside of her phone; worn out from the demands of the real world in addition to poor nutrition, Tacey’s stress and frustration slowly spiraled into despondency as she once again failed to meet her own dreams and expectations. Finally, feeling profoundly isolated and having been fired from yet another job due to her increasing lethargy and inability to focus, she slowly made her way back to the housing complex one late night in the middle of winter. Short of breath and pale, she managed to make it to the top of the stairs before a wave of dizziness had her toppling back down.

Now 6 months later, Tacey’s unexpected return to the living has given her a new direction in life. Now seeing restless ghosts and having experienced an unfulfilled death herself, Tacey is determined to put her talents new and old to good use and give them the satisfaction to pass on that she nearly didn’t have, and hopefully lessen the pressure to have her assist them at the same time. When she’s honest to herself though, Tacey is also searching for a way to possibly put her own geist to rest in the future as well. While the Withered Child granted her a second chance and introduced her to a whole new side of life, its constant, senseless sounds, and want for everything and its wordless suffering wear on her at times (especially with her inability to help it). Tacey’s Virtue is Fortitude; when she decides to commit to or take an interest in something she’s dedicated and determined in her efforts to see things through and solve whatever needs solving. However at the same time Tacey’s Vice is Sloth; She is sometimes easily discouraged by personal failure or inability to solve a problem, even if it’s because of her own actions (or more tellingly inaction). Additionally she still finds it hard to take action or commit to something that doesn’t interest her or she views as being not worth the trouble. She’s likely to seek a related or even entirely different course of action if the one presented is too troublesome to her, even if it’s less efficient or time wasting or at most extreme delay dealing with it entirely.


The Withered Child

A small, pale, skeletal figure of unidentifiable gender whose legs degenerate into a thin, translucent (and watery) undefined spindles; usually lying down prone or huddled up sluggishly. Its face is blank and smooth. It emits a strange and faint gasping sound as it communicates.

Tacey Morina

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