Advantages are aspects of your character that set him apart from his peers, for good or ill. A strong will, an unshakeable moral conviction or a simple talent for ducking are all possible benefits in a rough and uncertain world. As your character develops over time, his advantages can increase to exceptional levels.

Most advantages are derived traits determined by adding two or more Attributes together. Others, such as Morality and Size, have a base value with which all characters begin play. As your character’s Attributes increase through the expenditure of experience points, his advantages increase as well. Likewise, as Attributes are temporarily decreased through supernatural curses or other strange events, their linked advantages are similarly reduced.

Traits: Your character’s Defense is equal to his Dexterity or Wits, whichever is lower.

The object of any fight is to knock the other guy out without letting him do the same to you. At the same time that your character throws punches and looks for a chance to land a knockout blow, he bobs, weaves and ducks, making himself as difficult a target as possible for his opponent’s counterblows. Your character’s Defense trait is applied as a negative modifier to his opponent’s rolls for Brawl, Weaponry, and thrown-weapon (Dexterity + Athletics) attacks. If he is assaulted by multiple attackers, his full Defense trait is applied to one attacker and then his trait is reduced by one for each subsequent attack. Your character’s Defense cannot normally be used against Firearms (gun and bow-based) attacks, unless they’re conducted within close-combat range; one to two yards. Defense does not apply if your character is taken by surprise or is immobilized by some means.

Defense is not affected by any wound penalties that your character may have incurred.

As your character’s Dexterity and Wits increase through the application of experience points (or through temporary enhancement during the course of a story), his Defense may change as well. If you increase your character’s Dexterity or Wits don’t forget to adjust his Defense accordingly.


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