Oracle Manifestation

Oracle Manifestation
Attribute: Intelligence

Many legends speak of the insight possessed by the dead and of their power to warn the living of future events. Indeed, the term “necromancy” literally refers to the practice of divining the future through communication with the dead. The Oracle Manifestation draws upon this chthonic wisdom, allowing the Sin-Eater to access the special perceptive abilities of her geist. To anyone capable of detecting plasmic energies, a Sin-Eater who has unlocked the Oracle is noticeable for her eyes, which glow with a spectral force. The basic power of the Oracle is simply to augment the Sin-Eater’s perception. Specific Keys refine this perception in various ways.


Cost: 1 plasm

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Key Skill + Oracle rating

Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: The activation attempt fails, and the Sin-Eater may not attempt to use any Oracle-related power for the rest of the scene.

Failure: The attempt to unlock the Oracle fails.

Success: A pale mist of plasm steams from the Sin-Eater’s glowing eyes, visible only to ghosts and other Sin-Eaters. For the duration of the scene, the Sin-Eater adds a number of bonus dice equal to the activation successes to all Wits-based rolls to observe and understand phenomena relevant to the Key used to unlock the Oracle.

Exceptional Success: Additional successes are their own reward.

The Elemental Oracle Keys

Skill: Occult

Drawing upon her understanding of the elements of the Underworld, the Sin-Eater can acquire a powerful clairvoyant sense. There are four Elemental Oracle powers, each of which must be mastered separately. The Elemental Oracle powers are among the most dangerous Manifestations to use, as they require the Sin-Eater to embrace death in order to transcend the limits of her own body.

In order to unlock the Cold Wind Oracle, the Sin-Eater must allow herself to be suffocated or strangled. To unlock the Grave-Dirt Oracle, the Sin-Eater must allow herself to be buried alive. To unlock the Tear-Stained Oracle, the Sin-Eater must drown herself. To unlock these three versions of the Manifestation, the Sin-Eater must suffer enough bashing damage from the environment to be rendered unconscious. For the Pyre-Flame Oracle, the Sin-Eater must set herself ablaze, taking at least 2 levels of lethal fire damage and making no effort to put out the blaze.

If the Sin-Eater unlocks the Manifestation properly, she will take no lasting damage. Instead, she will slip into a death-like trance while her astral form slips free of her body to travel as he wishes. When the Manifestation ends, the Sin-Eater emerges from her trance (bursting violently out of the earth, in the case of the Grave-Dirt Oracle) with no visible signs of injury. If the Manifestation is unsuccessful, however, the Bond actually suffers the damage inflicted and may well be in danger of dying if she has no one to watch over her body and see that she doesn’t asphyxiate, drown, or burn to a crisp.

Key Activation (Elemental Version)

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Oracle rating

Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater actually suffers whatever damage was inflicted on his body, and without assistance, he can not extricate himself from the elemental hazard in which he has placed himself. Worse, anyone who has been assigned to watch over his body suffers a -3 penalty on any roll to realize that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater is actually dying.

Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater suffers the damage inflicted on his body, but can extricate himself without taking any more damage. Anyone assigned to watch over him immediately realizes that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater may need assistance.

Success: The Sin-Eater falls into a death-like coma. Her astral form slips free from her body and may travel wherever she wishes while in a Twilight state. The astral form is intangible and invisible except to other Twilight beings and those capable of seeing and/or affecting Twilight beings. While the Sin-Eater’s astral form roams, her body appears to be dead, save to other Sin-Eaters, who automatically realize she is astrally projecting.

While astrally projecting, the Sin-Eater can use any Manifestations or other powers that do not require her to physically touch something in the material world. Instead of her normal traits, the Sin-Eater has a Power rating equal to the highest of her Intelligence, Presence, or Strength; a Finesse rating equal to the highest of her Wits, Manipulation, or Dexterity; and a Resistance rating equal to the highest of her Resolve, Composure, or Stamina.

With Elemental Oracle 3, the Sin-Eater can fly in her astral form at a speed equal to her Elemental Oracle rating x 100 miles per hour. If the Sin-Eater interacts with ghosts while in this form, she gains a three-dice bonus if the ghosts’ remains were interred in or disposed of within the element corresponding to her Key or Keys. That is, if the Sin-Eater interacts with a ghost whose body was buried underground, she may gain three dice if she possesses the Grave-Dirt Key. If the ghost’s body was buried at sea, the Tear-Stained Key applies. If it was cremated or burned in a fire, the Pyre-Flame Key applies. Finally, if interacting with a ghost whose body was left to the elements, the Sin-Eater can draw on the Cold Wind Key.

The Sin-Eater can maintain her astral form for a number of hours equal to the activation successes, plus one additional hour per extra plasm spent. At the end of that period, his astral form snaps back to his body, which then awakens free of all injury. This includes damage taken prior to the activation of this Manifestation, which means this power also presents a cheap (if somewhat reckless) means of fast healing. If the Sin-Eater was bound as part of his asphyxiation or drowning, his bonds break instantly. If he was buried in the earth, he bursts free from his grave. If his body was weighted down and dropped into a lake, he effortlessly bobs up to the surface. If he was trapped in a burning building, he walks out without so much as a scorch mark on his clothing.

In addition to allowing for astral projection, this power, due to its reparative properties, is also quite useful for escaping from deadly situations. For example, if a Sin-Eater capable of unlocking the Grave-Dirt Oracle is buried alive by a cave-in, he can use this power to put his body into a protective trance and then astrally project to seek help, emerging unscathed once the cave-in is cleared. However, this immunity does not extend to harm coming from some other element or from a non-elemental source. If the aforementioned Sin-Eater were dug out of the cave-in and then set on fire (or simply shot with a pistol), the resulting damage would not be healed when the Manifestation ends. With Elemental Oracle 5, there is no time limit on how long the astral projection can last — some legends speak of a Sin-Eater who ran afoul of the Mob in the 1920s and was buried alive in the foundation of a newly-constructed building. His astral form still wanders the world waiting for that building to be torn down so that his body might be freed at last.

Upon a successful Wits + Composure + Oracle rating + activation successes roll, a Sin-Eater automatically knows if someone is tampering with her comatose body. Regardless of her normal speed, the Bound may cause her astral form to return to her body instantly and reflexively.

Exceptional Success: The Sin-Eater’s Power, Finesse, and Resistance are each considered to be 1 higher.

Industrial Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 139 ]

Skill: Investigation

The Industrial Oracle grants insight into crafted objects, from hand-crafted antique furniture to state-of-the art electronics. While this Manifestation is active, the Sin-Eater may apply the activation successes to all rolls made to understand or observe such items. When performing any Wits-related action to study or scrutinize crafted items in the area, add the Sin-Eater’s activation successes as a dice bonus to any such roll. In addition to obvious uses of the Industrial Oracle, the Sin-Eater might add his activation successes to a Wits + Investigation roll to notice a hidden safe or a silent alarm system, or to a Wits + Composure roll to notice how many people in the room are carrying concealed weapons. The Anachrotech Modifiers apply to all applications of the Industrial Oracle.

2 Dots This heightened awareness expands to grant insight into a crafted item’s properties and weaknesses. Whenever a Sin-Eater who has unlocked the Industrial Oracle attempts to operate, damage, disable, or destroy a crafted item (whether kicking in a door, disarming an explosive, or hot-wiring a car), the player may add the activation successes as a dice bonus to any relevant roll. This benefit is no longer limited to Wits-related rolls but may be applied to any roll that can logically benefit from a supernatural insight into the item.

3 Dots: By unlocking the Industrial Oracle and then handling the item for several seconds, plasm will flow from the Bound’s hands through the device, producing a smoky mist of plasm that grants the Sin-Eater visions of the item’s prior history. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Investigation + activation successes; success grants valuable insights into the object’s past. Each success allows the Sin-Eater’s player to ask the Storyteller one question about the object’s prior history.

4 Dots: With this power, the Sin-Eater may study an object for a few seconds and instantly notice weak spots and pressure points, making it easier to tear the item apart or smash it to bits. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Investigation + activation successes. For each success rolled, the Sin-Eater can ignore one point of the item’s Durability when attacking or attempting to destroy it during the course of that scene.

5 Dots: By utilizing the power of technology to transcend distance, the Sin-Eater can use telecommunications equipment to project her senses. The Sin-Eater simply makes a phone call and, assuming someone picks up on the other end, can project her senses to the telephone at the other end. The Sin-Eater can perceive anything in the area called from the vantage point of the receiving telephone, and she can reorient her senses to view anything that could be seen from that vantage point. However, if the Sin-Eater also has access to the Boneyard Manifestation, she can unlock that Manifestation with the Industrial Key, center it on the receiving telephone, and be able to use any powers associated with the Industrial Boneyard as if she were physically at that location. This Manifestation ends immediately if the phone call is disconnected. The Sin-Eater must first unlock the Industrial Oracle through a standard activation roll, before spending one plasm and rolling Intelligence + Investigation + activation successes. The roll to initiate this power suffers anachrotech penalties (see p. 111) as follows: Apply no penalty if both the calling and receiving phones are landline telephones. Apply a –4 penalty if both phones are cell phones. If one is a cell phone and the other a land line, apply a –2 penalty. This power may only be used through telephones, although rumors among the Sin-Eaters hint that some of their number may exercise this power through fax machines and even through Internet connections, albeit with great difficulty. If successful, the Sin-Eater can perceive anything in the area where the receiving telephone sits, for the duration of the phone connection. If the Sin-Eater attempts to unlock the Industrial Boneyard at the target location, the activation for that roll gains a number of bonus dice equal to the successes on this roll.

Passion Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 140 ]

Skill: Empathy

The Passion Oracle allows the Bound to gain insight into the emotional heart of anyone with whom she interacts. With the basic power of this Manifestation, the Sin-Eater becomes preternaturally skillful at understanding the emotions of others. For the duration of the scene, she can add her activation successes to any mundane roll based on Empathy or Intimidation. If the Sin-Eater targets someone for such a roll with whom she has also forged a sympathetic link through the Passion Marionette, only the better of the two dice bonuses applies to any relevant roll.

2 Dots The Sin-Eater also gains the 9-again quality on all mundane Empathy and Intimidation rolls made during the scene.

3 Dots: The Sin-Eater can perceive the auras of other beings, allowing great insight into their emotional states. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Wits + Empathy + activation successes – target’s Composure. Success grants insight into the target’s emotional state. The precise nature of the insight varies from character to character. Most Sin-Eaters seem to associate emotions with colors (such as associating fear with the color orange or anger with bright red). However, many other Sin-Eaters perceive auras through other senses, such as “hearing love” or “smelling despair.” Regardless of how this paranormal sense manifests itself, success on this roll allows the Sin-Eater to immediately comprehend the current emotional state of the person who is the object of her scrutiny.

4 Dots: This power allows the Sin-Eater to divine more detailed information than the target’s current emotional state. For each success on the above Wits + Empathy roll, the Sin-Eater’s player may learn one of the following: the target’s Virtue, the target’s Vice, the target’s permanent or current Willpower, the target’s current Synergy (or the equivalent for other types of creatures), or what derangements the target possesses (only one derangement is revealed per success). However, exercising this enhanced power adds 1 Willpower point to the normal cost of the Manifestation.

5 Dots: The Sin-Eater’s awareness of her enemy’s intentions allows her to anticipate his efforts to evade her attacks. In order to make an intuitive attack, the Sin-Eater must spend 1 plasm. Doing so allows her to add her Oracle activation successes to any Brawl, Melee, or Firearms attack roll for the subsequent turn.

Phantasmal Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 140 ]

Skill: Investigation

While most uses of the Phantasmal Key allow the Sin-Eater to create and manipulate illusions, the Phantasmal Oracle allows him to see through illusions instead — not just the glamours and phantasms created through magic, but also the less esoteric illusions common to humanity. After unlocking the Phantasmal Oracle, the Sin-Eater may add his activation successes to all mundane Empathy rolls to detect lies. He may also add the activation successes as bonus dice to all mundane Subterfuge and Persuasion rolls, as his insights enable him to better craft his lies to fit his audience’s expectations.

2 Dots The Sin-Eater’s insight into these areas grows ever more acute. By spending 1 plasm, the Sin-Eater may gain the 9-again quality on a single Empathy roll to detect lies, or on a single Subterfuge or Persuasion roll to persuade another of some untruth.

3 Dots: The Sin-Eater’s gaze can cut to the heart of even supernatural deceptions. While the Phantasmal Oracle remains unlocked, the Sin-Eater may add her activation successes to any Attribute relevant to resisting or seeing through magical illusions, including effects that confer any form of invisibility. The Sin-Eater may also add the activation successes to any rolls to resist magical effects which might force him to believe something that is untrue. If the effect is one that does not normally allow for a resisted roll, allow the Sin-Eater to roll his Intelligence + Investigation (without adding activation successes) against the roll used to create the deceptive effect. The effects of this power do not stack with other bonuses granted by Manifestations.

4 Dots: Most illusions conceal the truth. To the Bound, some illusions reveal it. The Sin-Eater can trigger a powerful hallucination that can grant prophetic warnings. When the player wishes to invoke such a vision, the Storyteller should make the dice roll on his behalf so that the player The player spends 3 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Occult + activation successes; the action requires at least one minute of concentration per plasm spent. If successful, the Bound has a brief hallucinatory episode that grants insights into future events. For each success, the Sin-Eater may ask one question about the future, which the Storyteller may answer in the form of a cryptic and surrealistic vision. The farther away the event, the more difficult it is to perceive. Penalties apply as follows: The Sin-Eater seeks insight into events that will happen… within that scene (-0); … within the next hour (-1); … within the next day (-3); … each additional day the Sin-Eater wishes to look; into the future (–1). This power automatically fails if the dice penalty based on temporal proximity reduces the dice pool to -10.

5 Dots: The Sin-Eater’s power to pierce the veil of illusion is perfected. While this Manifestation is unlocked, the Sin-Eater can see through any illusory effect automatically, provided that his Psyche exceeds that of the creator of the illusion (or exceeds whatever Supernatural Attribute the creator has, if she is not a Sin-Eater).

Primeval Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 141 ]

Skill: Survival

Through the Primeval Oracle, the Sin-Eater can attune her senses with the natural world, drawing upon her geist’s latent savagery to gain insight into her surroundings. While the Primeval Oracle remains unlocked, the Sin-Eater may add her activation successes as a dice bonus to all her Wits-based perception rolls. She may also add her activation successes to all mundane Animal Ken and Survival rolls.

2 Dots These animalistic senses give the Sin-Eater an intuitive sense of the mood of those with whom he interacts, especially the mood of those who may be hostile towards him. The Sin-Eater may add his activation successes to all mundane Empathy rolls and to all Initiative rolls.

3 Dots: While the Manifestation is unlocked, the Sin-Eater gains all the benefits of the Direction Sense Merit, but only while outdoors. This benefit cannot be used to help the Sin-Eater navigate while below ground or inside a building.

4 Dots: While the basic power of this Manifestation allows for heightened sensory acuity, at this level, the Sin-Eater’s awareness grows to truly superhuman levels. He gains the 9-again quality on all Wits-based rolls to observe his surroundings.

5 Dots: While the Primeval Oracle remains unlocked, the Sin-Eater gains the ability to track others by scent. Tracking is treated as an extended and opposed Wits + Survival + activation successes roll, resisted by the quarry’s Wits + Stealth. Each roll represents up to one hour of pursuit.

Stigmata Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 141 ]

Skill: Occult

With this Manifestation, the Sin-Eater gains special insight into ghosts and other Twilight beings. The basic power allows the Sin-Eater to add her activation successes to all Wits-based rolls to observe or understand anything pertaining to ghostly activity in the area.

2 Dots The Sin-Eater may scrutinize a ghost to gain information about it. The player rolls Wits + Occult + activation successes, resisted by Resistance. If the player rolls more successes than the quarry, for each net success, she may ask the Storyteller one question about the ghost. Possible questions include the following: Who was the ghost in life? What are the ghost’s Anchors? What Numina does the ghost possess? What are its Virtue and Vice? How did the ghost die?

3 Dots: The Sin-Eater may detect subtle plasmic residue left behind from previous applications of either ghostly Numina or Sin-Eater Manifestations. The player must roll Wits + Composure + activation successes to notice plasmic residue left behind in the last hour. Each additional hour inflicts a cumulative –1 dice penalty. Once the Sin-Eater locates the plasmic remains, she may choose to clairvoyantly observe what occurred when the plasmic residue was left. Finding the residue has no cost. Seeing into the past costs 1 plasm to see into the past, and requires a roll of Wits + Occult + activation successes. For each success, the player may ask the Storyteller one question about the events that took place when the Numina or Manifestation was used.

4 Dots: While the Stigmata Oracle is unlocked, the Sin-Eater also gains the ability to locate the nearest entry point to the Underworld. The player must roll Wits + Occult + activation successes, with a dice penalty applied to the roll equal to –1 per mile away from the entry point (assuming there is one within 10 miles). The player may roll a chance die if necessary, but may not use this power to detect entry points so far away that the dice pool is reduced to -10.

5 Dots: The Sin-Eater can project his soul into the Underworld. His soul appears in the Autochthonous Depths, where it is as corporeal as any other ghost to be found there. The Sin-Eater’s soul-form can be damaged normally by any of the Underworld’s dangers or inhabitants, and any damage inflicted upon it is also inflicted on his physical body. The Sin-Eater can return to his body automatically and reflexively, but it takes one full action of concentration to do so, during which time he may be vulnerable to danger. Alternatively, he may “rip-cord.” Rip-cording instantly returns the Sin-Eater to his physical body but inflicts one level of automatic lethal damage on his body. The player spends 2 plasm and 1 Willpower, and rolls Stamina + Occult + activation successes. If successful, her soul appears in the Underworld where it is functionally the same as a ghost. The Sin-Eater retains access to her Manifestations, and her soul-body functions in the Underworld exactly as if she had physically traveled there. The Bound may only travel to the Autochthonous Depths by using this power, but from there may travel to any part of the Underworld through conventional means.

Stillness Oracle Key [ Geist: The Sin-Eaters — Page 142 ]

Skill: Investigation

With this Manifestation, the Sin-Eater gains insight into the dead. The basic power allows the Sin-Eater to add his activation successes to all Investigation-or Medicine-related rolls made to examine a dead body or other physical remains.

2 Dots The Sin-Eater also gains the 9-again quality on all such rolls.

3 Dots: With this power, the Sin-Eater becomes the ultimate medical examiner. By touching human remains, the Sin-Eater may relive the deceased’s last minutes of life. The player spends 1 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Medicine + activation successes. For each net success, the Sin-Eater perceives one minute of time leading up to the death, as seen through the deceased’s eyes. For each success, the Sin-Eater’s player may ask the Storyteller one question about what the character sees. Alternatively, the player may choose to ask whether the deceased went on to become a ghost and, if so, may ask questions about the ghost’s current status and whereabouts.

4 Dots: When questioning the dead, the player may ask questions concerning any aspect of the deceased’s life, rather than just questions pertaining to his death.

5 Dots: With this rather macabre power, the Sin-Eater may appropriate the knowledge and skills of the deceased for her own use. In order to utilize this power, the Sin-Eater must have access to a quantity of human remains at least equivalent to Size 1. If the deceased possessed one or more Skills at a higher level than the Sin-Eater, or possessed one or more Mental Merits that she might find useful, the Sin-Eater can temporarily claim them for herself. The Sin-Eater can only acquire one improved Skill or new Merit at a time. The benefits only last for a scene, during which time the Sin-Eater can go no farther from the remains than a distance equal to 10 yards x her Psyche without ending the effect. The player spends 2 plasm and rolls Intelligence + Occult + activation successes. If successful, for the duration of the scene, the Sin-Eater may gain one of the following benefits: (a) She may substitute one of the deceased’s Skill ratings in place of her own. (b) She may acquire one Mental Merit possessed by the deceased. © She may acquire any Specialty of the deceased.

Stygian Oracle Key [ Book Of The Dead — Page 80 ]

Skill: Medicine

Area Of Effect: 20 yards per activation success

Underworld. While other Keys tap into blood as the river of life to commune with the dead, the Stygian Key taps in to the essence of Death itself. It’s the Key of ultimate endings; possessing it grants a Sin-Eater power over death and decay. While modern occultists claim that “death” is often a symbol of transition and change, that’s spin applied by the living to help them sleep at night. Death is the End, the line between a living, breathing person and a lump of broken meat on a mortuary slab. The only real change is that between a vital, creative being and a ghost formed of memories and regrets.

Manifestations unlocked with the Stygian Key grant influence over death, decay, and rot. Not just the death of living things, but the death of sensation through means such as darkness, silence, and blindness; the death of the future by inflicting sterility; the death of enjoyment thanks to depression and kindling feelings like la petite mort, the little death felt after sex. Unlocking a Manifestation with the Stygian Key invokes the lex talionis: An eye for an eye, and a death for a death. The Sin-Eater has to kill a living thing. Most use small animals like mice that are readily available from pet stores and are small enough to hide in a pocket. A larger sacrifice does offer more power to the Sin-Eater, but carries risks of its own — not least of which is the involvement of mundane authorities. The Size of the creature equals the bonus gained to the roll to a maximum of +5 dice.

Unlike other Keys, a Sin-Eater has to seek out the Stygian Key. If he wants the dangerous knowledge of the dead, he has to find it for himself. Earning the Key changes his geist in subtle but noticeable ways, and those with the Stygian Key can recognize each other by perceiving the scars of the Underworld. Those changes also prevent the Key being shared between members of a krewe — knowing the nature of death is an intensely personal thing that cannot be shared.

A Sin-Eater must learn the Stygian Key by studying the Underworld itself. She must cross at least three of the Rivers, taking a draught of the “waters” of each along with her each time. The Sin-Eater then has to entreat a creature of the lands of death to teach him. Ghosts can’t perform that service; instead they have to seek out one of the Kerberoi, a creature that has no memory of the living world. The Kerberos imparts secret knowledge to the Sin-Eater and her geist, but that’s like receiving the ingredients for a meal rather than a cooked dish. To cook the dish — to make use of the Stygian Key — the Sin-Eater has to return to the living world and sacrifice part of herself. She might give up her memory of her first husband, scar her face, or deliberately cut into her own muscles. That sacrifice costs her one dot from an Attribute of her choice. The damage will heal, but only over time; she does not recover the lost dot until the end of the next story.

The Stygian Oracle calls upon the combined knowledge of the dead to bolster a Sin-Eater’s understanding of the world. With the basic power of this Manifestation, the Sin-Eater can trawl the collective knowledge of every ghost, searching for that one little secret that unlocks whatever mystery has confounded her. For the duration of the scene, she can add her activation successes to her dice pool for any extended Academics or Occult actions, and can understand a number of languages equal to her activation successes.

2 Dots: With this Oracle, a Sin-Eater’s connection to the Underworld is never truly broken. Even when not Manifesting the Stygian Oracle, the Bound hears whispers in the back of her mind. She gains the benefits of the Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit at all times. A character who already possesses the Merit gains the 8-again quality on the Intelligence + Wits roll to recall something. When the Stygian Oracle is active, the Sin-Eater adds her activation successes to the Merit’s dice pool.

3 Dots: The Sin-Eater can add her activation successes to all Academics and Occult rolls. When the Oracle is active, she knows all languages ever spoken or written by man, from ancient Sumerian to the languages of lost Polynesian tribes. Even when not using the Oracle, the Sin-Eater knows a number of languages equal to her Oracle dots, in addition to any languages purchased as Merits.

4 Dots: Nobody knows the Underworld like a ghost, and the Stygian Oracle grants a Sin-Eater the knowledge of all the dead. This strange familiarity brings useful shortcuts through the twisting tunnels that wind through the Autochthonous Depths and Lower Mysteries — though some lead to nothing but danger and ruin. When using the Stygian Oracle, the Sin-Eater can spend 1 plasm as a reflexive action to add her activation successes to the dice pool to navigate the Underworld. If she instead spends a point of Willpower along with the , she reduces the extended action to travel between two rivers, or between a river and an Avernian Gate, to an instant action. Any failure on this roll is treated as a dramatic failure, as the Sin-Eater follows bad directions straight into a hazardous location.

5 Dots: As the Sin-Eater’s awareness grows, she can draw directly on the Skills of the dead. While she couldn’t gain occult knowledge from Aleister Crowley’s ghost, she can tap into the general understanding of every occultist who has died and entered the Underworld. When Manifesting the Oracle, the Sin-Eater can spend 1 plasm as a reflexive action to enhance her Skills. Her player can add a number of dots equal to the character’s Oracle rating + activation successes, but these must all be in the same category (Mental, Physical, or Social). No Skill can be raised to more than four dots in this fashion. Any Skills that the character doesn’t normally possess become unreliable: any dice pool using that Skill loses the 10-again quality and 1s subtract successes. The dots granted by this power last until the end of the scene.

Example: Genevieve was a socialite before she became a Sin-Eater, but that’s not going to help her against a gang of ghosts who want her head after a deal gone wrong. They’ve stolen the bodies of some construction workers, and they want to hurt her. Focusing, she calls on the reflexes and muscle memory of 10 generations of fighters through the Stygian Oracle. She has two activation successes, and Oracle 5, giving her seven points to distribute. She spends three to increase her existing Athletics 1 to 4, in case she needs to run, and spends the remaining four on raising her Brawl from 0 to 4 dots, (though any Brawl rolls won’t benefit from 10-again). Smiling, she turns to face her assailants.

Oracle Manifestation

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