Advantages are aspects of your character that set him apart from his peers, for good or ill. A strong will, an unshakeable moral conviction or a simple talent for ducking are all possible benefits in a rough and uncertain world. As your character develops over time, his advantages can increase to exceptional levels.

Most advantages are derived traits determined by adding two or more Attributes together. Others, such as Morality and Size, have a base value with which all characters begin play. As your character’s Attributes increase through the expenditure of experience points, his advantages increase as well. Likewise, as Attributes are temporarily decreased through supernatural curses or other strange events, their linked advantages are similarly reduced.

Traits: Strength + Dexterity + species factor (5 for adult humans, 3 for human children; see below for other examples)

Your character’s Speed is the number of yards she can travel in a single turn. This trait is a combination of her Strength (lean muscle mass), Dexterity (coordination and agility) and a species factor that reflects her age, physical configuration, Size and other considerations. Other species such as horses and cheetahs have physical configurations that lend themselves to high travel rates.

Factor Species
1 Turtle
3 Human toddler
5 Human adult
8 Wolf
10 Caribou
12 Horse
15 Cheetah

So, a being’s Strength and Dexterity are added to the above number to determine its Speed.

Your character’s Speed represents the number of yards she can move in a turn and still perform an action. She can move and perform an action in a turn, or perform an action and move, but she cannot move, perform an action and move again all in the same turn.

Alternatively, she can run at up to double her Speed in a turn, but can usually take no other action. Also, when your character suffers an injury modifier based on her current Health, her Speed is reduced as well.

If your character’s Strength or Dexterity changes through the use of experience points (or through temporary enhancement during the course of a story), her Speed changes as well. If you change your character’s Strength or Dexterity, don’t forget to adjust her Speed.


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